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Columbus, Ohio


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Keeping children safe requires action. While sometimes this might seem overwhelming, it can be done one step at a time. We’ve come up with a series of actions you can take to make your world safer for a child. Do what your schedule allows - whether that is one a week or one a month. Every action you take will help the children in your life, so we consider that a success.

We know that life is busy, so most tasks are designed to be done in 15 minutes or less. We will continue to add new actions periodically, so check back or sign up by RSS feed or email to receive alerts when we post new actions.

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Featured Action

Below is our featured action. Each action is tagged with different categories, so if this action doesn’t work for you, use the tags to browse through previous actions to find ones that apply to your family. Click on the meme to learn more about the action and how to complete it. Let us know how it went by sharing a picture with us on social media (use the hashtag #EndInjury) or emailing us at


Doctors recommend that kids carry only 10-15% of their body weight. Weigh your child's full backpack to make sure a typical load isn't putting too much strain on those young shoulders.


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